Why help an accused criminal?

I want to start by saying I have not always had a burning desire to assist those charged with crimes, In fact I, like most people, used to think” They must have done it, the Police don’t arrest innocent people”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I also want to say I am NOT ANTI-COP, In fact I am much more likely to be classified as Pro-Cop. My Wife is a retired Prosecutor and most of my friends are either currently in Law Enforcement or retired from the profession.

Soon after I stumbled into Criminal Defense I realized that even Police and Prosecutors get it wrong sometimes. I believe everyone that is accused of a crime deserves to have a thorough investigation conducted on their behalf. The Police and Prosecutors have vast resources as compared to most Private Attorneys, in my opinion that is an unfair advantage. A professional, resourceful, experienced Investigator can help level the playing field.

I remember working a case in which a client was charged with aggravated assault stemming from a road rage incident. This Client, at the time of his arrest, was attending a Police Academy and he was only a few weeks away from graduation. Through an extensive Investigation and numerous surveillance hours I was able to prove it was not our client that committed this crime. I was also able to provide the Prosecutors Office with the person I suspected did indeed commit this offense. Medical records obtained by the Prosecutors Office subsequently confirmed the person I suspected was treated for a “ boxers fracture “ of his hand. For those that do not know what a “ boxers fracture” is, it is caused by punching something.

This is just one example of Why I help accused criminals. I can name many more and in the future I am sure I will delve deeper into this subject.

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